Bobby Jarzombek here!



Hi Bobby,
I caught your show at the Big Easy w/ Sebastian Bach. I didn't recognize you (from other pics) with all the facial hair. I probably saw you in the bar before the show without knowing it was you.
I saw there was no logo on the front of your kick, (plain black) and didn't know if it was still Pearl. I could not get close enough to determine that. I loved the sound of your paistes, and of course the effortless solo you played.
Sebastian is quite a character. I do have to comment that his vocals were mixed *very* hot and I moved around to try to see if it was just where I was standing. Nope...I did get a headache from it.
Anyway, great chops, and you powered the show along! I was afraid Sebastian was going to clip you in the head with that whirling mic...


Your playing with Spastic Ink is some of the most insanely amazing playing i've ever heard! Your DVD is great too, I've got a pair of sticks you used on the Halford Crucible Tour.

You're one of my favourite drummers!!!!


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hi bobby

i'm asking all the pros this question. i think the answers could be very instructive to many of us.
let's say there was a totally new drum rudiment that was suddenly discovered and was so totally applicable that any drummer worth their salt would quickly try to learn it, master it and use it in recordings and gigs. this hypothetical new rudiment is quite hard to play and totally unrelated to any other rudiment. it is so good that you know that the next time you sit in on a session the writer is probably going to ask you to use it somewhere in their song.
my question is: starting from scratch what would be your way of learning it?



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hi bobby.

sorry to load you up with questions when you get back on the forum but here's another one...

in the August 1992 issue of modern drummer there was a great and useful article titled: THE 25 GREATEST DRUM RECORDS. because of it i bought steely dan's AJA in a time when i was almost exclusively addicted to AC/DC.
they wrote this article by researching across the industry but in particular they asked some of the top guys for their top ten selections. i'm hoping to do a similar thing here on DW and post the reults in a separate thread eventually.
So if you would be so kind please give us a list of your own top ten (perhaps your current top 10) records/albums. it would be helpful if you identified your favourite out of those and dropped in a line why it is so...but this is not totally necessary. think of it like if you were going to be locked in a remote log cabin for a whole winter, which 10 albums would you take, if 10 were all you could take?



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one of the best and most innovative drummer in metal scene today. love his double bass concepts and open hand style of playing. waiting for new stuff from u bobby.


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Another beast in metal drumming. Amazing speed and technique, love the fact that he plays opened. Spastic Ink is INSANE.
first up
INSANE performance on the dvd ..... inspired me to try keeping crashes behind....i do it ocassionally.....kinda hard tho.....u make it look so easy

great drumsound

also are those signature sound edge hats ? if so then we have something in common :)

also, id like to know what pedals your currently using

thanks a million
hamza (fan from india)


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Yo Bobby! for me you are the best drummer in the world!! Spastic Ink is not a human creation...Let us know if there is 3rd album for spastic ink


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Wow.... did not know I would find so many drummers I thought were amazing on here.

The spped and precision in all those crazy off-rhythms/time signatures you play in blow my mind. Harm and Half-Time Baking Shuffle is one of my favorites....

Keep up the good work man, let us know about any other projects you'll be working on. ;)


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hey bobby!
when playing double bass do you still play right foot lead all the time? do you ever alternate when playing double bass?


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Just listened to Bobby's work with the thrash band Juggernaut; absolutely amazing! Definately check these guys out.