Bobby Jarzombek here!


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Bobby said:
Hello once again!
It's good to read all the comments on the boards here.
I haven't updated my website since..............a long time. Actually we're re-vamping it so I'm holding off for now. I've been working on a few projects that I can't talk too much about right now......but all is good.
I had a great time at NAMM this year. I spent some time talking drums and trading licks with Tim (Waterson), Derek (Roddy), Flo, etc.....
talk soon,

Hi Bobby - great to hear from you.....and great to hear: all is good.



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Hi Bobby!
You clips here on Drummer World are incredible, I am not a double bass player personally but your playing has inspired me to give it a shot. Any suggestions that you may have on getting me started in the right direction to play double bass would be greatly appreciated!
Thank You!


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Bobby said:
Hello fellow drummers,
I was just browsing around to see what you guys have been talking about lately.
I've been hanging out here in LA practicing some new double bass concepts that are pretty interesting. Hopefully, I'll get to apply this stuff someday. Ha!!!
Bernhard has a very cool site here, I'm sure you all agree!
talk soon,

You're of my heroes...

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hey bobby :) just saw your videos on this site.. impressive .. but whats up with those cymbals behind you?

what's the story behind that??


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Bobby Jarzombek I found was a very good drummer. Ive been watching his videos for a long time now and i have learned some things such as open handed playing a very good strategy may i add, open handed playing has made a hudge impact on my drummer making left hand much much stronger.


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Having my only experience with your playing being the Vic Firth podcast that you play on ( an excerpt from your DVD), I must say that I am pretty well inspired by you and the way you were able to play so well for the music. Your matching those guitar riffs perfectly was really amazing.

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Bobby i love your playing, i think its great, but my favorite thing about you is... YOU SOUND LIKE RAY ROMANO!


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Hey Bobby!

I hadnt heard of you before, but recently I got the Demons & Wizards cd; The Crimson King I think...and the sound on the title track blew me out, that was so great! Also, around 0:19 there, after the cymbal choking, you do some really cool double bass stuff, but I have no idea what it is, can you or anyone else explaine?

great to have you hear anyway! Oh, what kinda drums/heads do you use?


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Wow, my favorite drummer on this board. You're great, I like to see you playing on your DVD. Awesome


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Just wanted to thank you for your contributions to this site:

Your double bass triplet feel clinic video helped me absolutely change my sound,

I love the feel of it when I play it , and it just makes the sound so big and fast even at slower

tempo. It blows peoples minds when thrown in as a fill especially. You're a great teacher!

Thanks so much



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Hey Bobby, Lewis here, can't wait to hear what you've been recording lately! I've just been working on more drum book writing. If any of you guys haven't checked out Spastic Ink yet, do so and prepare to be astonished!


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Just watched those videos of Bobby Jarzombek on this site. That was totally cool, especially when he plays the cymbal behind his left shoulder with his right hand.
Great concept, and I didn't know he is a member.
Thanks "Search button".


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Hey fellow drummers,
I just wanted to pop in and say "Hello!"
I'm on tour with Sebastian Bach right now. For the last couple of months we've been traveling across the US and Canada opening up for Guns 'n Roses. It's a killer tour!
I've been playing one of my new PDP kits on the tour. It's a workhorse and sounds great. I'm excited to be part of the DW family and right now they're building me my first DW kit. The color and design is gonna blow everyone away!
I know I've said it before but... I'm in the process of revising my website which will include an extensive "FAQ" section. In it, I answer all the questions on double bass technique, bands I've played with, etc...
I'll let you all know when it's up and running.
Hopefully I'll see some of you at NAMM in January. If you see me there, come up and say "Hello". I love to talk drums.


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Hey Bobby!

I saw you a few weeks ago drumming with Sebastian Bach in Detroit. You were amazing and brought so much energy to the show. I loved your solo, too!