Bobby Chiasson - Jollity Drum Farm


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Hey gang. I just got a 12x8 Ludwig red Vistalite tom and a vintage Zalmer Twin pedal from Bobby ... and I want to tell ya ... the man rocks !!! If you're looking for vintage drums, hard to hind, or not so hard to find, check out Jollity Drum Farm.​
First off, Bobby is a very pleasant cat to e-mail/chat with. And his packing ... the best. I've seen drum factory pack jobs that don't hold a candle to the way Bobby packed these items for me. Short of the UPS truck actually running over these two boxes, nothing was gonna hurt the items inside.​
Now I've posted Bobby's link before, usually when someone needs to know something about Rogers drums. Bobby's site, and John Ploughman, are the two best sources I know of, for Rogers related stuff.​
Anyhow, that's my story. Bobby Chiasson is "the man". The Jollity Drum Farm, may your store shine bright forever. Or at least until Bobby decides to retire. In any event, if you're looking for a drum, or a whole set ... check out the Drum Farm.​


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But he need absolutely help for his website....never was harder to navigate or have a look at something....too bad.....