Bo Diddley/Clave


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I am not a drummer, but I'd like to learn enough to SPEAK intelligently to a drummer.
1) Are any of these songs in the Bo Diddley/Clave beat? (I don't think so, but maybe I'm wrong)
2) Drum-wise, what separates these songs?
3) How should a songwriter/producer convey their desire REQUESTING these beats ... i.e. What Lingo should be used for a drummer to understand?

a -
b -
c -


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The first one (live) is a Bo Diddley beat, with floor tom for most of the bar, and sometimes snare on the last half beat. The Bo Diddley pattern also implies a particular bass line, which this track has. (1 1 1 b7 1)
The second one has the clave pattern in the bass drum, but a standard off-beat snare. More like a rockabilly beat in cut time.
The third one is a standard rockabilly beat in cut time with a hint of 'train beat' on the snare, and bass drum only on the downbeats.