Blues transcriptions for your use


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Here's something I put together tonight for my students.

The goal here is to encourage my students (who are ready) to explore blues music and start to develop just a few of the shuffle types.

I'm a huge fan of this music and deeply respect it, so I understand that this stuff is best not transcribed note for note, but rather listened to and imitated, etc. That being said, I think I have found some great songs that for the most part do keep a regular theme throughout, which makes for a fair generalization. Remember I'm trying to ultimately spark an interest in my students so they can go further themselves.

So any way, please use this to teach or practise if you so wish!

Smokestack Lightnin'
Howlin' Wolf

Dust My Broom
Elmore James D

I am a Man
Bo Diddley

Crazy Mixed Up World
Little Walter

Hate to See You Go
Little Walter

Howlin' Wolf