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Can anyone give me comparisons on the 80 s drums made in NC to the blue olive drums made in Chicago in the late 70s...I believe poplar was added in the maple shells. Was there a significant sound change..


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The "classic" Ludwig 3 ply shell ..... was made from mixed wood. Maple, poplar, mahogany ..... maple, poplar, maple .... mahogany, poplar, mahogany ..... I've seen all three. They had reinforcement rings, and they reigned until 1976.​
The 6 ply shell replaced it/them. Maple, poplar, maple.​
Originally, the Monroe factory only made Rocker/Rocker II drums. Flagship classics were still made in Chicago. It wasn't until 1985, that Chicago closed, and all production went to Monroe. I've owned B/O 6 ply's, and I've owned Monroe 6 ply's .... and I can't tell any sonic difference.​


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I love that avatar pic Harry, but what the hell is it from?
(Old avitar) I ripped it off from a cat on another forum (non-drum related), she's Reon Kadena, a Japanese model/race queen/actress .... the GIF was probably made from one of her "many" DVD's.​
(New avitar) I ripped it off from a cat on another forum (non-drum related).​
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yeah, no difference at all in the thicker shells all the way to '98 when they changed to the all maple thinner shells. However, there was the 4 ply shell that was around in the late 80's, early 90's that was a bit thinner. Those were probably make from the Rocker shells, some of which were 4 ply- very underrated drums. I've got an early 80's 22X16 kick b/o badge with 4 sets of curved spurs that has a thinner 6 ply shell, so they clearly mixed in some Rocker shells with the higher end series from time to time. The 4 ply classics usually had the longer mach lugs, so if you want something different, look out for those.