Blue Man Group


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They are holding open casting in Chicago next week for actors and Drummers.
Has anyone out there ever tried out for Blue Man, if so what are they looking for as far as drummers for there band. any advice would be helpful. Regardless I am going for it.


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My drum instructor was a blue man for a year. He said it was a total blast but pretty intense work wise. He also said that the blue suits they had to wear were insanely hot.


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my drum teacher plays for them. he plays 3 or 4 shows a week at universal studios resort in my town. he's a drum set drummer, but they also have a percussion guy in the band, and of course the blue men themselves play those wacky percussion instruments, but they are not trained drummers usually.

when he auditioned and got the gig, they sent him to blue man "boot camp" in new york (i think) for two weeks where he learned all the music and got indoctrinated with the blue man way of thinking for the music they play. it turns out that they have a very specific way they want you to play their music and there's not a whole lot of room to put your own personality on it, although i believe there is some room for improvising fills and that kind of thing.

every show he has to get all made up with fluorescent makeup and wear a suit that glows under black light. it's probably hot as hell but he never complains about it. the crowd can easily see him and of course they can hear him loud and clear. it seems like a really cool gig, although i suppose after playing it a million times it gets old. i'd do it if i was good enough!


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I have no idea what this is all about doggie, but good luck. And remember, you are the man for the job!


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Do you guys know what they get paid?
i don't, but i know it must be pretty decent money. in my town it's probably one of the best paying drumming gigs available. i do know his position was hotly sought after at the time he auditioned. there were something like a hundred applicants for the job.