Blending cymbals together


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I have a. 20 Xist dry crash I really do like , I want a ride cymbal that’s crashable to go with it . I’m thinking about something alittle cleaner but still dark . Please give me any thoughts on blending these two and a recommended ride to accommodate please and thank you !


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It’s a consideration for sure , very heavy cymbal it seems with similiar sound qualities - too much of a good thing ?


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too much of a good thing ?
Ha! Never? !! good choice tho +/- unless you want to blend something "more traditional" may be tough;
or yeah just a regular Istanbul Trad Ride $


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@Rolltide something I began doing (when I cannot get to a shop to test) is to go to a youtube channel for MyCymbal, search for the cymbal I already have and see what they use to pair it with. You can do it with any quality shop, however, not just mycymbal. I would enter your cymbal in the search and see what they choose, considering the access they have to tons of cymbals. It may not be what you choose but could help get you on the right path for sure!