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Bo Eder

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During this time I count myself blessed and fortunate. I don’t complain about what I don’t have and am grateful to get to be who I am (even if it’s nobody). But here’s something from my past and when I was starting to get my playing career off the ground. I’m a member of a Vintage Disneyland group on Facebook and one of the members posted these pictures of my very first stage show playing drums behind dog superstar Benji! It was a live animal show at Caranation Plaza Gardens Stage (the same stage Buddy always played on) and we did six shows a day during the summer of 1987. I was 21. I almost cried when I saw these - I miss those days but I don’t miss how I played when I was 21!7EC0DF2F-B156-42CD-91F5-53CB3D395C1A.jpeg. 87EC98B2-135A-411D-9192-E375B1591DEB.jpeg

Who knew I’d be the big boss rodent on drums 26 years later, eh?