Blast Beats


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Hello, I have a question about blast beats, specifically flying fingers or ways to get above 240bpm. I try doing slow practice with each finger to get each finger to be able to bounce the stick, but I can't even get my pinky to bounce the stick at all. Is there anyway to practice control with my pinky (I keep dropping the stick when trying). Both of my pinkies are double jointed/snappy, and have mobility issues. Any advice would be much welcome.


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I'm gonna guess you are talking about 8th notes (each hand, 16ths together) on the snare. If so, that's 16ths (each hand, 32nds together) at 120 which is absolutely flying. That requires time, dedication, and tons of pad time doing singles.

I set the metronome to 100bpm and run 32nd singles. Not just short bursts either, you need to be able to do it for a while. I can move it up to 110 and that's where it starts to get sloppy and broken. I no longer gig so I dont practice every day anymore, but if I did 110 would eventually fall into place. Once that becomes comfortable, I would bump it up again to 115. At those speeds, you need to do it everyday or it wont happen. It becomes an athletic event at that point.

I cant tell you how to make your pinkies work better, but i can tell you to utilize the bounce and put in the work and eventually it will get easier.


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One thing that stick twirling did for me is develop indivdual finger strength and dexterity..including pinkies.

The payoff has been greater stick facility including drop handling and individual finger bounce technique.


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Pinky finger control took me several years to even get a consistent stroke at 8th notes at 8 bpm on my weak hand.