Blast Beats

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I was just curious to know If anyone had a special way to blast beat that helps them reach fast speeds. I can reach moderate speeds but nothing crazy.
I just wanted to know any tips or tricks on how to increase speed quickly or gradually.
P.s. I understand how to gravity blast, I need to know how to get the basic blasts up to speed :D


Tighten your snare head, really tight.
And just keep practicing, that's how i learned it.
It wil wil take you a good half year to really control your blasts


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The way I first got into actual blast beats was just by figuring out how to get my wrist loose. Not sure I can explain it further, but if I have a faster part than I can play, I just practice them starting at a slower speed and increase gradually over a few days until I can.


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Do it with two feet, where your feet match your ride/hi hat hand. This way the blast beat still sounds correct, but your feet do half the work. Basically your feet are at half the BPM of your hands, i.e. 220 hands, 110 feet. It is a bit of a coordination exercise at first, but once you become comfortable with it the whole thing comes together quite nicely.