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Except the E-Pro Live heads... the Aquarian On-heads are better ;)

I have never tried the on-heads, but they look interesting and are cheaper than the tru-trac heads...............thinking about adding another tom and trying the on-head with it.

I'm in your same situation. For the past several years I've used one of those Rock Band game e-kits that doesn't work. I got it free on CL and it's completely adjustable. That with a gibraltar bass drum practice pad and it's not too shabby of a practice setup. I use it when I can't play on my real kit.

However, I'm currently on the lookout for a beater kit that I can outfit with those Remo Silenstroke heads. Check them out. They look and mostly feel like real heads but with 90% volume reduction. That with your Gen16 cymbals would make a good alternative.

Good luck

The Gen 16's aren't too loud?

I demo'd them at a Guitar Center to determine if they might be something to acquire, but dayum if they weren't loud.

My wife works in her office right next to my drums with no complaints................they are louder than the tru-trac pads......but definitely not too loud IMO

I'm in a similar boat to many of you. New baby, easily irritated wife, no $$$ to build a dedicated soundproofed area.

My "solution" was to use the DW practice pad kit which is supplemented by the Sabian Quiet Tone snare. I use some tea towels and/or Vic Firth mute pads to adjust the rebound as needed on the toms as the sticks rebound around like ping pong balls. For the kick I use some moleskin and an athletic sock to similarly dampen rebound and sound.

The sound is obviously terrible and the appearance of this "kit" is pretty awful, but its either that or not play at all. For what it's worth, I hit a real kit every week or two and I have found that my work has translated over so it's not like its wasted time.

I am scoping out putting my stuff in a rental space, but with prices easily over $500/month, it's not a cheap option.

Good luck...........most "decent" options are pretty pricey