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Hey guys, I haven't done much with youtube lately and I haven't done anything on the new dw kit so here's something mediocre. I had a strong coffee at 8pm and was full of energy so I setup the camera and tried to nail this old song. It's so bloody hard to play with a record and be note perfect and bang on time. Few chops at the end but I was really trying to play the exact part up until then.

Feedback welcome


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The DWs sound fantastic. You look VERY


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Very nice and smooth-great job Duck. I love playing along to Steely Dan songs (especially if you want to work on your shuffle)and this sounds really nice time wise-I have the bad habit of breaking the metronomic ride and embellishing the ride and hats rather than as played-but I'm working on stopping that crap. I like the low tuning of the snare too-I use to have a Pearl Sensitone I kept low tuned and this makes me miss it. Now I want to go play along too.


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That sounded good. I haven't heard that song for many yrs. Your drums sound and look good too. Nice playing.