Black Beauty on the way


I ordered my Black Beauty today. 14 X 5 nothing fancy just a plain old BB. I saw a used B Stock on Guitar Center for 319 but just wanted the real deal and new. It should be here in April. We'll see if it knocks my DW Copper 14 X 5 out of the kit. I have a lot of snares but thought I'd get the legend to round them out. Hope fully it will. Here's my current rotation.

DW Collectors Copper 14 X 5
DW Collectors Copper 14 X 6
DW 10 + 6 Maple 14 X 5
Mapex Velvetone 14 X 5.5
Mapex Pro 13 X 3.5
Crush PT Brass 14 X 4
Crush Acrylic 14 X 7
Gretsch Mahogany/Poplar 14 X 5


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Congrats on getting a Black Beauty. Actually, the B-Stocks are the real deal - great sounding drums without the long wait (I chose a B-Stock because I much prefer the B/O badges!).

You have some nice snares, the BB should fit right in...