Black beauty Ludwig heads


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I recently purchased a black beauty snare. I loved the head that it came with, love the sound, the texture. In case I want to replace it with the same head once its worn out, what kind of head is it? I have never seen Ludwig drums heads anywhere. What can I substitute it with?
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Correct me if i'm wrong, but I've read somewhere that Ludwig makes their own heads?
Anyway, if i look on the site it comes with "Ludwig Weather Master Medium Coated Head" which basically is a Remo Coated Ambassador


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Ludwig still makes their own 12/13/14" batters and snare sides, and they're livelier than Ambassadors. Hoop and coating are different, and Remo has proprietary Mylar for their heads. So, everything about the Ludwig is different than the Remo! But an Ambassador will sound fine. I prefer the Evans ST, which is a bright 2-ply, on my Black Beauties.

If you really like the sound of the original head, you can order them from any independent Ludwig dealer (Fork's, DrumCenterNH, Bentley's, Pro Drum in L.A., etc.) I'd bet that Pro Drum has them in stock and ready to ship. :)



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It's also worth mentioning that a Ludwig Medium is 7-mil (like a Remo Diplomat) and the Ludwig Heavy is 10-mil (like a Remo Ambassador) so if you aren't able to get a Ludwig head you can at least get the same weight film as what you have now.