Birch bass drum tuning question.../ pedal feel.../


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Hi !

I have always tuned my bass drum on any drum set
I had, very low, slack, sloppy, loose for a fat sound. I
was under the impression that it sounded great with
ear plug (like when miced) but when I was playing
without ear plug, the sound was ugly ! Like plastic,
very dry, more of a tic tic than boum boum.

So I took time today for tuning my birch bass drum
for that punchy in you chest sound, without ear plug
that time... Wow, the sound is fantastic (e-mad 2 rear,
e-mad reso front). I found that the heads need to be
a good full turn tighter to be at the sweet spot of the drum...

Now I love the sound but I lost the pedal feel and a bit of
attack... I will put the smallest ring of the e-mad for the
attack but what can I do for pedal feel ??? It's just to
sloppy, I'm not able to do my heel/toe as easy as before
and it seem that I loose momentum... It's like there is to
much/or not enough, I don't know, rebound from the batter head...

So any help is welcome... Sorry for bad english, I don't
realy speak it...

Thanks !



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Re: Birch bass drum question.../ pedal feel.../

What kind of a beater do you use? Because if you are using a plastic/wood/double-faced beater, just playing a standard felt beater might have a better response than that, feel-wise. I'm talking about 100% felt, because a dual-sided beater, even if you play it with the felt side, will still be stiff in its response.
It's also a matter of practice. I guess you have to practice until you become in control of your kit at the point where it's tuned the way you like it - as there really is no right or wrong in terms of pitch, this is ultra-clichee already. However, the "standard" type of tuning, which in this case seemed a bit low for your taste, as I understand, has become standard exactly because it feels the best, it's the easiest to play, along with being the generally most "appreciated" sound. But don't let that intimidate you: any tuning that is a tuning and not a chaotic lug tightening can be played. You just need a bit of time to adapt to it.