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Hello Everyone!

I launched my drum lessons website December 1st 2013. It's full of vital information not available anywhere else.
My career as a drummer began in 1992 when I began working with the reggae band Blacksheep out of the DC area. From there I traveled to Memphis to tour and record with guitarist Shawn Lane. We released a few singles off his album Powers Of Ten. I went West to LA for a short bit from '93 to '94 working with my father guitarist Phil Upchurch and a few others. I went back East to NYC and began working with singer Angela Bofill and then singer Maxwell in '96. Not too long after I began working with alto saxophonist Steve Coleman (whom previously featured drummers Marvin Smitty Smith and Gene Lake Jr.). I toured and recorded with Steve from '96 to '02. We did a lot of records for BMG and Label Bleu. In '01 I joined Dapp Theory with pianist Andy Milne and we toured and recorded two albums up until '06. In '08 I joined Garaj Mahal with guitarist Fareed Haque, bassist Kai Eckhardt and keyboardist Eric Levy. We toured and recorded until the band ended in '11. I did the Tribute To Miles 2011 Tour alongside legendary Herbie Hancock, tenor saxophonist Wayne Shorter, bassist Marcus Miller and trumpeter Sean Jones. We commemorated the music and memory of Miles Davis. In 2012 I re-joined Steve Coleman, recorded a new album Functional Arrhythmias and toured.
I released my album One under my artist name The Rick which also features a website I wrote and produced all the music, performed all the instruments and vocals and released it late 2012 on iTunes and CD Baby.
I finally created a website where I host weekly HD Video Drum Lessons for the Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner. The site features PDFs, Performances, Guest Artist Interviews, Members Forum and other content not available anywhere. Every week there is something new. When you get a chance, please check out the site and please join the mailing list!