Billy Ward here!


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Dear Mr Billy Ward

I've heard what happened, and I just wanted to say you have my deepest condolences, I was shocked to hear that, and I can't even imagine how you must feel.

I wish you all the best, may you find happiness again soon!

Loosing your soul-mate is crushing. I hope your grief eventually becomes managable and your memories of better times together prominent.




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Billy, I'm shocked to hear the awful news. I hope you find the strength to bear the weight of this loss. My heart goes out to you today, bro.


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Deepest condolences from a fan.

Just received the Voices package. I love the album and Voices is one of the great instructional DVDs. You bring so much character and entertainment and love to what you are doing. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Sincerely, David

billy ward

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Thanks Nightworker - I'm at least beginning to play again. Subbed for Joe Morello (who was ill) at the Chicago Drum Show a few weeks ago. The vids to that are out there - at least available on my own website. Also, I'll be in nashville in August doing work and am doing five or six clinic dates for DW too.
thanks so much!

billy ward

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thanks Bo. I've been told that Big time has a big WAF (wife acceptance factor) :D

It's hot as %^&*( here in New York city! I hope you all are doing well (and recording yourselves nonetheless)


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Billy delighted to hear you are back and working. And a special word of thanks, as I mentioned in another thread, for the setting up the drums tips in your DVD, which really helped sort out some issues for me in getting the hi-hats properly positioned. All strength to you. Cheers, David


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Caught the clinic stop in Harrisburg, PA. Enjoyed the playing and I learned a TON of stuff from John Good about the drum making process. I really appreciate you taking the time to chat as well Billy. You should write a book about your lesson with Elvin!

Thank you,

Matt Blank


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Hey Billy

I've been listening to Out the door quite a bit the last few weeks and realized, thats the exact snare sound im looking for. So my question is pretty obvious, how is it tuned? My wallet won't allow a new snare so I'm limited to a Sonor 3007 maple. It's deepness might be a limitation, only 5.5"x14".

I'm guessing that cutting a few snares might the answer?


billy ward

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Hi Sjogras - thanks for the compliment on my snare! That drum was a 6X 14 birch DW VLT shell. I've gotta say, that is how that drumset sounds because I used very few microphones in making that record. If you keep yearning for a particular sound, it will come to you so keep trying! good luck!


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Hey Billy,

Too cool to know that post here. What a privilege! Just wanted to say you're a great drummer and a big inspiration. I play a lot of metal and rock but have gotten interested in jazz over the past year more then ever. Your video "Voices In My Head" is great and I watch it all the time. Its given me a whole new perspective and I just wanted to thank you for being an obviously personal and intelligent drummer.

- Nick

billy ward

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Wow - Thelron, sorry it took so long for me to see this! Thanks so much for your compliment! The only drag about Voices in My Head is that I llowed it to be called a video about jazz, when really it is a chops vid about the fewest stuff you need on a technical level. It is really the opposite of Big Time! But that was my mistake and I am truly thrilled you are getting something out of Voices!
Happy New Year to all at Drummerworld!


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Hey thanks for your response back. Since nobody has posted in this thread in and a while I figured I'd ask you question if you are lurking about =P. I've recently bought a Sabian HH 20" medium ride and have shifted my attention toward jazz and such, and my learning has improved to the point of where I don't break my sticks and I play a lot more relaxed and I just have felt an overall improvement as I've learned more rudiments and have been applying them. I've been working with brushes and mallets a lot more lately and my questions really have to do with the stickball and your Pro-Mark stick. The stick just seems fascinating. I use a Vater 5A stick and they hold up great for me, I just wanted to know what the musical diversity of the stick is and how it affects grip plus its strength (I play mainly Christian Rock, Funk/Rock, I dabble in jazz, and I play in a heavy metal band as well which I use 5B's for regardless so that doesn't affect me using this stick). The other thing about the stick ball was really more about how it affects stick weight. I would love picking up these products and since I've been finding it hard to find anything on them I figured this would be worth a shot. Thanks for any feedback!!! =]

Ramtin HajatDoust

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Dear Billy,

Hope you are fine.

After you arranged the better places for the microphones on your kit, arrange the Gain for gets the Maximum peak(without clip or distortion) of them without attention to the leakages, or you use the Gain for Minimum leakages and use the ambiance sounds in your mix when you record in your studio?

Best Regards,
Ramtin HajatDoost
Tehran - Iran