Billy Cobham plugged in.


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Roland just sent me their new video of Billy Cobham playing the new Roland kit. They really shouldn’t have, because it demonstrates exactly why I got rid of all my electronic drums. The snare drum that poor Billy is sweating over, has a tiny fraction of the sounds and dynamics that he can easily coax out of an acoustic snare drum.

I am so happy I got rid of it all, even though it was Yamaha, and much better than this.

Sure I can no longer practice at home, but it's worth the bother of going out and renting a room when there are seemingly a million sounds in each component of the kit.


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I went and looked up the video.
My goodness those drums sound awful, like table tops or trash cans just awful.
If that sound is what Roland are using to sell their drums then they need a re think.


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That only sounds about ten times better!
Whether or not the gear is better or the recording is better is immaterial, as a shop window this makes the Pearl the far superior looking option hands down.


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Yes, I watched that in horror...thought they sounded awful.

1/100th the dynamics, expressiveness and tonal variation that I would expect from the likes of Mr. Cobham. AND Roland drum sounds have always, always made me want to barf.

And to think what that stuff costs. I mean, we're in extreme high end range $$$$ here - you could buy virtually ANYTHING you wanted. Hell, I'd rather put money into a piano - even one that never got played...just as furniture. At least it wouldn't be worth NOTHING in 5 years.


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I was gonna make a comment, " like what can you tell from a YouTube video" as a whole lot of processing happens when you post one.

But GEEZ! What a difference between the two.


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Can you post a link? I searched and they all sound shite. Is there one worse than the others? I don't think the Pearl Mimic kit sounded like anything more than an over processed YouTube drummers kit, but it wasn't as bad as the Roland. He was using at least 2 Roland pads/triggers though, right?


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Maybe I'm just spoiled by Superior Drummer 2, but to me neither the Roland or the Pearl sound that great compared to a good VST. I understand the convenience of a module (I'm an e-drummer myself and practice a lot using the module) but I have yet to be impressed by any module's sounds. I'd rather just have a module with lots of space for importing my own VSTs and easy to use functions than the onboard sounds.

Edit: I understand that the Pearl uses SSD5. I just think SD2 sounds so much better. Steven Slate sounds too processed for me. Give me the raw SD2 stuff anyday.