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This a very RARE Live jazz festival in U.K., Suffolk at Maltings ,1968.. with a (very)Young..:Billy Cobham in his first Live sessions.. Ciao ,fabio ,,
HORACE SILVER.,p 5t Live in Suffolks,,at 'Maltings''.,UK..,
Benny Mauphin,sax.+.Randy Brecker,sax,+,Billy Cobham,dr ..
1968, t. 22' .^.Very+Rare.^.!!*Low-quality''!!vd,863.,
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I have a hard time wrapping my head around just how fully ambidextrous a Simon Phillips or Carter Beauford are, just because they're so many miles above me. But even those guys are more comprehensible than the way and extent to which Billy is able to swing so gracefully with either hand. For some reason, that swing is the bit that just totally blows my mind.


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Dear Mr.'Gretsched' , in my oppinions ''YOU'' have also to consider that..: Billy Cobham in ''few'' years.,!!,1968 -to-> 1972,, his drumming-style has passed from an Hard-bop jazz to..: double ''bass-drums'' with ''super-funky+fusion'' beats..

Very , very hard - hard works for Billy Cobham to 'built' such a new drumming-style then copyed,!! by all the 'fusion-drummers of the 70's.. -

John McLaughlin.,cht ,,Mahavishnu Orchestra,, Live Meeting Of The Spirits 1972..
Billy Cobham.,dr ,,Rick Laird.,basso ,,Jan Hammer.,Keys ,, Jerry Goodman...:

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