Billy Cobham coming to town.


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The man has to have over 100 albums under his belt between solos and collaborations. Musical genius and definitely in my top 3 drummers. I'm extremely jealous.


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first witnessed him with Mahavishnu in 72/73 on the clear Fibes;
...then ... about 5 times- his own band twice- once with George Duke Alfonso Johnson and Tom Scott- even once with Bob Weir and the Midnights-
always on Tama once on an all natural blonde Concert tom set...
always a party!


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I read this title to the melody of "Santa Clause is Coming to Town"

Suuper bummed I missed this set. He came to my town but I received absolutely zero promo and had no clue despite being free that night. Woulda loved seeing one of the greats in action.


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peak smooth studio Bill..

4 sixteenths + 4 sixteenths + 4 sixteenths + 5 sixteenths = 1

omygawd 17/16
don't drop a note or you're

wonder how he counted that off; can't recall.
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incredible 2019 show

no idea what to expect
Paul Hanson is great, bassoonist extraordinaire. Billy's more recent shows didn't sound as sharp as this... a bit worrisome but hopefully the upcoming shows are in good form.


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Have a few more details now . Apparently Billy Cobham will be here on the 19th May 2023 at the Islington Assembly Rooms, London. That’s a venue that holds about 900 I’m told.
Not sure yet when tickets will be on sale.

Bo Eder

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We got to see Billy a couple of years ago in Los Angeles at a famous jazz/dinner club and he and his band totally killed. He even had Gary Husband playing keyboards (who was very cool when I met him and told him I loved his drumming with Allan Holdsworth). Billy has always played great! Enjoy the show!


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Yes, 78 years to show such activity is very cool! And so my work is plastic surgeons here nose job lip filler and it takes me a lot of time!
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"Billy's 1985 Tama Superstars with a custom paint job look and sound amazing, he recently received them from back from the previous owner and is using them on this Crosswinds Tour."

Between he and Mel Lewis: They Ride the Swish!
and Tim Landers looks great !
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