Bill Bruford Talks


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I went to the Bill Bruford Seminar at The Collective this week. It was an interesting look at Bill's 41 year career in the music biz. The idea he wanted to get across was that you can find a balance between commercialism and artistic creativity in the marketplace. I think Bill has showed that in his career of always exploring, finding new avenues for creativity and his innovative approach to drumming. Of course, even though he has written his Autobiography, a good read, so he doesn't have to answer the question, "Why did you leave Yes, " and "How do you get that snare drum sound," he still was asked those questions. I think he's found creative ways to answer them.

One of the things he brought up was that the biz is stacked against musicians. The publicist, copywriter and manager all are spoken for. But there is really no protection for the musicians who may not even be a necessity for the finished product. In today's world, the supply of talented and trained musicians has risen while the demand has greatly decreased, thus, bringing down the pay.

I would recommend anyone who has a chance to see any of these lectures to take the opportunity to meet with Bill, and also ask some good questions. Bill Bruford is one of those rare birds that has remained commercially successful and innovative in a world where usually the two don't go together. He is a real treasure of information and ideas.