Biggest drummer/smallest drummer


"Uncle Larry"
Stan Lynch/Simon Phillips?

Judging from the thread title, I've officially run out of things to talk about.

This just happens to be my 4000th post. Anyone wanting to congratulate me with gifts of money can PM me for my address.

I may not post for awhile. I like even numbers and I want to enjoy the look of my post count.

Bo Eder

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Congrats on your 4000th post Larry! And I got mentioned by DED! Wow! My height precedes me!
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Yep, drummer photos can be misleading ... based on this photo you'd think my hobbies would include, fighting dinosaurs, swatting planes and climbing the Empire State Building.
Isn't that your kit with the 36" kick drum? Can't wait to hear a soundfile of that 30" snare...


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Yeah Chick Webb! These are amongst my fave drum photos:

Just as a side note, drummers had the coolest names in the old days - Baby Dodds, Papa Jo Jones, Big Sid Catlett, Dave Tough, Gene Krupa, Cozy Cole ...

Caddy, when I can find a tape measure big enough I'll tell you the size of my kick drum :)


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I may not post for awhile. I like even numbers and I want to enjoy the look of my post count.
Larry, I'm informed that Monique has noted your fixation on size, & has requested you tell her what side of the line you're on. She's not registerd as a member, so you'll have to post your reply here. She's waiting Larry, lol!!! 4,001, here we come.


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His stick bag looks like it has telephone poles in it...
haha yea, his interview in the latest modern drummer (or was it DRUM! ?) is hilarious.

Gene: So halfway through the set, before this one really fast dethklok song, I take the leg weights off and grab a pair of lighter sitcks.

Interviewer: Wait! What?!? You play sets WITH leg weights on?

Gene: Yea.

Interviewer: And you use sticks smaller than 2b for speed?

Gene: No, they're 2Bs, just lighter 2Bs, there's always a pair in every batch that are just a little lighter.


"Uncle Larry"
Curious by 'Big' are we talking height, overall girth, weight or combination of all?
It's all good. Big is big, Too bad drummers don't have the equivilant of baseball cards. All the stats would be there.
That actually might be a cool thing. Musician cards. There goes the post count.