Biggest Cajon in the World


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Hello drummers,

Sela Cajons are building the worlds biggest playable snare cajon and will be showing it at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany next week. Guinness World Records will be there to officially record it as a World record and you will indeed be able to try it for yourself if you are there.

The „Big CaSela“ cajon; as it is called is a true to scale “enlargement” of an original Casela Professional Snare Cajon. All parts were specially made by Sela. The final assembly was done by Sela’s CTO Markus Westenberger personally. All details like the solid rounded corners from maple wood, the special Sela Snare System and the Thin Splash playing surface are the same as in the “small” Sela models.

How large the „Big CaSela“ in reality is and how it sounds can be personally in Hall 3.1, Stand A40 at Musikmesse next week

Heres a photo of the scale.

Maybe we can bring it to the US and have it at NAMM 2014


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Does it come with a trailer to haul it? Can I climb in the sound hole and use it as a shelter?


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It's a cool bit of fun for sure. I'd love to have a go, but as a compact kit replacement for acoustic sets, it's just a bit flawed :)

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Woa Nelly...

I'd love to see a video of 2 guys playing on that. We need to find those 3 gents that did the video playing on that fat guy's stomach.