Big Badges - why?

paradiddle pete

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I would assume that money is why they don't laser etch all the stuff.

Also, if "put in strategic places so it won't be noticed"? Kinda wondering why they would even bother then.

Also, also, some people are proud to display badges of something that they (perhaps finally, after years of saving up for) purchase, and want it to to be kmown.

Just My opinion..

Code and price labels, not badges.


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Well, not that it matters one whit, but mark me into the group that actually like badges on my drums. Except for the noted grotesque badges that some brands employ, to me, a tasteful badge puts the finishing touch on a product.

The same philosophy (again, exempting grotesque inking) holds true with my cymbals, too, although being a devoted cymbal cleaner means that the ink logos don't last long - at all!