Beware! Gumtree UK scam...

Netz Ausg

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I've been in contact with the person listing the following 'too good to be true' ad on gumtree and this morning did a bit of research on the e-mail address I was given.

I found this:

Actionfraud, a service run by the National Fraud Authority UK, issued a warning on 30 July 2010: "Scam targets potential tenants on Gumtree. A number of would-be tenants have lost money after replying to a new wave of bogus adverts for rental accommodation on the website, Gumtree."[13]

Gumtree is currently being used by someone going under the name of Angela Murray, Nora Palmer, Alexa Edwards / Alexa Brown and most recently Sarah Harlow. This person has used the gmail account or person has offered delivery from parcel force and has a fake email from ParcelforceWorldwide: This person offers to deliver on her way to her mum's then offers delivery and asks for UKASH vouchers from paypoint and asks for pictures of the vouchers to be sent to them (their fake ParcelForce address) by email.
Scum bags.