Best Zappa drummer?


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I always like Chad Whackerman ever since he was in Modern Drummer in 80s
I was about to say, "No love for Chad Wackerman?" Bozzio is the classic Zappa drummer some might say, but I like Wackerman's drumming. Got to see him live with Andy Summers (of The Police) in 1990, and he was amazing.


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it's difficult but for me it is Terry Bozzio, for the sound and feel he brought to it. Just listening to Wind up workin in a gas station, from „You can't do that on stage anymore, Vol. 6“, incredible...

What were those hats by the way?? Immediately recognisable.

However Ralph Humphrey's studio work on Overnite Sensation is absolutely stunning as well.
Saw Ralph with the Don Ellis Orchestra back in the day.
Nothing like boogieing down in 33/16.