Best wife ever! (New Tama Spotted Gum)


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Guys, marry a woman that's your best friend and knows exactly what you want as far as new gear.

Our 10 year anniversary is this coming Thursday and we went on and did gifts tonight since we'll be traveling during our actual anniversary.

She ended up getting me the exact snare many of you have seen me posting about, the Tama SLP Spotted Gum! She got one of the new Tama bags with it also. I'm absolutely floored, and so excited to try this one out. It'll be one I keep for sure.

Couldn't ask for a better wife. She knows exactly what to get me!



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Added aluminum cast hoops and 42 strand wires. I have never had a snare that is this sensitive all the way to the edge. It's crazy. I can tell what everyone meant by it doesn't lose body as you tension it higher either. This one is up there with my Rosewoods as far as favorites!



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At the end of 2021, I did not own a drum kit. I was going to settle for a Mapex Mars kit, but my wife told me to get the Saturns instead. So I did. Peace and goodwill.
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