Best way to sell drums?


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Hey guys. I'm trying to sell my Tama Rockstar 1989 kit and I need help on just general info. It's a 7 piece kit with a crash, ride, and it has hardware. On the rest of the internet, I saw it listed from $200 to about $1500. It is in fairly good condition too, but I also need opinions on the best platforms to sell it on. On craigslist, there are way too many scammers, and on eBay, the price to ship the stuff is ridiculous. Here are some images of the kit. Thanks,



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You can try Reverb ,but my go to is always CL as local is a guarantee of getting paid cash.

As for price on the Tama ,maybe $600 max.

New Yamaha Stage kits go for $550 bucks new at GC.

I've seen nice Sonor Force mid entry kits in great condition sell for $299 bucks as little as a month or two ago here in the bay area.


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What type of cymbals?

Also, allow me to be a bit of an OT arse and try to convince you that the solution to your current dilemma is to start playing drums again.


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You could try eBaying them as individual pieces, but that's a crapshoot given the level of equipment. CL is flooded with gear that doesn't move, so unless it's something in demand, you'll just have to answer scammer message after scammer message. If you donate them, you can not only help someone out, but you could take a tax deduction. Considering the headache involved and the amount of cash recovered, the difference may be minimum. I have a super clean PDP set with not even a scratch on the shells. On a good day, I'll get $450 for all 7 pieces. It's hardly worth the stress to try and sell on eBay and not lose all profits to fees and shipping or dealing with crooks on CL!


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To maximize return, sell your crash and ride separately. Many people buy individual cymbals here and there, less so entire drumsets.
Your kit+hardware would go for $300 - 400 (CDN) max where I live. Good luck.


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You can sell on eBay, and just check the box "local pick-up only".
Never hurts to reiterate that in your description, also. Unfortunately,
it's a buyers market right now, not a sellers.​


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What type of cymbals?

Also, allow me to be a bit of an OT arse and try to convince you that the solution to your current dilemma is to start playing drums again.
I do still play drums, but I have a different kit that's amazing. It was a Gretsch Custom and it was a steal. There are 3 Cymbals (splash, crash, and ride) and they are Sabian B8X's.


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Have you considered donating them to a deserving person? You will get far more for them....maybe not right away... by giving them away, than if you sold them for money.

I highly recommend it.


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Those drums? Probably Craigslist. What kind of scam are you afraid of? Slap a lowish price on them, firm, cash only of course, and move them out.


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The best way to sell drums that you bought new, is to assume that you are going to lose about half the value. Then you won't be too sad.

eBay reaches the most buyers, but you have your commissions and your PayPal fees and you might pay more for shipping than the buyer pays to get them shipped, so you can lose a lot that way.

For used drums, that were already a bargain when you picked them up, your loss will be much smaller, and you may even make money.

Craigslist is devoid of costs and fees etc., but can be dangerous. Either some stranger is coming to your place, or you are taking the goods to a different place. You have to be careful and manage your risk. But Craigslist is best in a large city. It does not work well for drums when out in the sticks or on an island.

Drummerworld's classifieds are good as long as you are offering a bargain. You will not get what you really wish for because your buyers are just like you.

Swapping one for one is always fun, as long as both parties are not shipping and can get together with both kits, then decide.

All of the above is just my two cents. I am not spouting knowledge and facts written in stone. Others may not agree with all of the above.


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You can bet your shorts you'll lose money shipping with eBay. First, they don't take into account insurance, so it's up to you if you want to risk it. Then, the fees NEVER match up, so you'll be up of tat amount too. I'm not sure why the disconnect! Maybe there are hidden discounts don't know about, but their estimates and what the buyer actually pays are sometimes as much as 50% off actual, so you'll have to either hope you can work it out with the buyer or eat the difference. Generally you end up eating it and the larger, heavier and heavier the item, the larger the shipping gap.

Don't be surprised if someone on CL agrees to a price, wastes all of your day delaying the purchase, so you're stuck at home, then show up with a lame excuse about how they could only come up with half the cash. By that time, they hope you're so frustrated, you'll let them have it. The head games never end. It's not always that bad, but tons of people buy stuff to turn around and resell, so they will spare no head game.

If you decide to go the CL route, never have them at your house. Period!

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I don't understand the rap against eBay and it's shipping policies. I've sold all kinds of stuff there and shipping has never been an issue. You can ship for your price, you know. Take a closer look at how you can handle shipping. Sometimes I say "local pick up only" and that keeps the sale local. Even better, it makes people pay before they come out to pick them up so I already have their money. Yes, you pay fees to eBay, but that's the cost of doing business. How else would your item be exposed to so many people? It's a small price to pay.

Do some research before you complain about eBay. And consider your more unsavory alternatives.


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I'd love to know what I'm doing wrong with shipping. I measure my package and round up. I weigh the package and add a pound for safety. I put it all in the listing. The buyer pays and I go to ship it and there you have it. Shortage! EBay won't allow you to include shipping anymore, so that's always on the seller. Not a clue. I always cone short, so unless it's something of real value, I skip and go a different route, which includes not selling the item at all. Love to know the secret. Yes, I can estimate shipping to NY and hope someone in California buys my stuff and I have. I've never been that lucky, because the guy in California sees my shipping as ridiculous and won't bid.

Not trying to hi jack this thread. Just saying what's possible. For those of you who have never had any issues with eBay shipping. Congrats. Love to know your secret.


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Just because you see something listed for $1500 doesn't mean the seller actually gets $1500.

If those were mine, I'd list them on Craigslist for about $300, and I'd take $250. I think that's a realistic price. Right now there's a 4-piece set of Rockstars from the same era going for $150, and they aren't moving. Granted yours is a 7-piece, but the high tom is mismatched.

I'm not trying to bust your chops, but I am trying to be realistic.

Of course, this may change if you have decent hardware and a good cymbal. A lot of times, the cymbal(s) is/are worth just as much if not more than the drums themselves.

On my craigslist ads, I usually put something like the following at the very beginning of the ad:

Disclaimer: Cash and carry only. No shipping. No scammers. No Western Union money wires or Paypal. No checks. Thanks! :)

I've had pretty good luck so far.


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You don't say where you are from, and it might help to figure out your market. I have had decent luck with Craigslist, especially over the last few months. My advice. Clean up everything you plan to sell. Make it look better than the others sets. Don't spend money on new heads because you will more than likely not use the ones the buyer will like and you will have spent that money for nothing. Figure out what you really want to make and list that price. I always put the price I want, and I use the word FIRM in the price. It will keep you from having to deal with low ballers that want you to give them away. If someone calls or emails you, email or call them back in a few days to see if they have made up their minds or not. Do not exagerate the condition of the drums. Sell the cymbals separately, like the heads most people will wnt something else. Throw in the hardware if you like but sell the cymbals separately. Finally, be patient. If you sound desperate you will chase people away. They will wonder what is wrong. Good luck.