Best way to clean/polish matte lacquer shells?


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I just picked up a used matte lacquer Dixon fuse kit that needs some cleaning. What methods do you use for this?

When working with matte lacquer in the past I've used just plain water to clean off the dirt and then Johnson's Paste Wax to polish the shell. I've done this on a couple of different matte lacquer kits, but the Paste Wax always leaves the shells splotchy looking. It makes it look like there are some spots that I forgot to buff the wax off, even though I buffed it off 30 times. It's like the wax "takes" better on different parts of the shell, even though the shell finish is sealed and uniform.

On wrap kits and gloss lacquer kits I have my "system" down cold, but matte lacquer is a different animal. Any suggestions?