Best upgrade for lower end Pearl pedals


Hey guys just wanted to share my findings. I purchased an eliminator solo pedal and noticed that it lacked the response of my redline pedal. Notably the beaters didn’t have even close to as much sway as the redlines. Meaning that when I would depress the pedal and let it swing..the beater swing would die off fairly quick.
So I purchased these redline parts for it and it made a huge difference:
DC714a - unilock footboard angle cam
ME741a - axle sleeve
They cost around $40 minus the shipping and I think it’s a great upgrade for your p830, 930, or 1030.
Try it out!

Rock Salad

Junior Member
I have a P-130 that I really like. It is pretty smooth already, but I really didn't like the beater it came with and it needed a lock washer on the spring adjustment.
Does the new spring holder have a different cam than the old? Trying to see what changed for you, how the pedal is different than it was before


It’s the same piece that the eliminator has always had..even before the redline upgrade. I think there are ball bearings in there as opposed to the solo one which looks like a plastic wheel.
The difference in feel isn’t night and day but I did notice a more solid feel and a bit more responsiveness.