Best Thing I Ever Did


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Went to billy Hyde today as part of their closing down sale and picked up some new drum heads. I bought some pinstripes for the batter side of my stage custom not too long ago. I had been having some problems with the sound of my drums, especially my floor tom, in terms of sound. I tried tuning it various different ways, but it never sounded how I liked it. And my snare sounded empty and weak.

The moment I got home I rushed to my drums, popped of the old skins on my snare and put a Coated Emperor on the top and ambassador on the bottom. On my 12" and 16" toms I only replaced the reso heads from the stock heads with Ambassadors as well. I was so hyped I didnt even tune them properly, just whacked them on was extremely eager to hear how they would sound. I played the snare: I heard the tone of the birch much more clearly, the emptiness was gone and it sounded full and tight. But the most excitement came from the floor tom. Turned it upright, gave it a hit and I heard thunder! It was truly awesome and I now have my stage customs sounding like I hear many other peoples. All my problems are fixed and I am extremely happy with the sound. I cant wait to record with them!

Anyway I just thought it goes to show that it is possible to make a kit 100% better just by changing the heads. Don't underestimate it!!! I would be comparing it to a Tama starclassic bubinga I played today at the store. Anyway I have never been more happy with a purchase towards my music career, especially since I picked them up for around 50 bucks.

I'm sure lots of people have had similar experiences, but I just thought I would share mine. The lesson is however, DONT UNDERESTIMATE NEW HEADS!!! even reso's, which made a big difference for me.


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Ya, i postedon thsi thing how I haven't changed my tom heads since I bought my kit 3 years ago!!! Gonna swap out all the heads next weekend if $$ permits. Thanks for sharing, i am excited about changing these heads, can't wait to hear the difference....


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OK - cool. I missed that part first time I read your first post.

Yep - heads can make a big difference.