Best techniques to avoid double triggering midi notes? (Alesis Strike Pro)

Hey everyone - I'm hoping for some additional insight here since I believe I've tried nearly everything...

First, my setup:
A2E conversion kit (Gretsch Catalina shells with Remo Silentstroke mesh heads)
Jobeky internal side-mount dual zone triggers
Alesis Strike Pro module
MIDI out to Focusrite Scarlett 1818
Superior Drummer 3 VST in Studio One 5 Pro

I'm not having any issues with the kick, rack tom or hats (using a Roland VH-10 hi hat setup)
but the snare and floor tom are registering multiple MIDI notes in the DAW when recording.

After laying downa track, I see one strong note - then anywhere from 1 to 5 additional lower velocity notes.
I assume these are due to vibrations emanating from the mesh head.
Problem is, I cannot raise my threshold or retrigger settings much more in the Strike module and still maintain responsive playability.
Are there other settings I should be examining?
Is it because of the single layer mesh heads? Do I need to invest in triple layer? I have the heads pitched pretty high, so they are tight and less likely to vibrate.

I should mention that my current trigger settings in the module work just fine when playing through the Strike, it is only when I record into the DAW that the extra MIDI notes become prevalent (perhaps they are there when playing only through the Strike, but not audibly bothersome).
It becomes quite a chore to sift through the MIDI track and delete all the extra notes.

Anyone who has had similar problems and managed to solve them, I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks in advance.
Interesting (and annoying) problem- don't think I've ever heard of a pad triggering OK while playing but having issues only while recording in a DAW.

Sorry I don't have a solution but since it sounds like you've exhausted any module setting options, it certainly wouldn't hurt to upgrade your mesh heads to at least 2-ply and you already have them tight so maybe some extra padding inside the snare and floor tom pads to cut down on vibrations even further?
Use a method of elimination - e.g. maybe do an audio recording with very short sounds to inspect it afterwards via wave editor to see if there's additional sounds, too. You need to know where the problem stems from - the triggers, the module, the DAW, your setup/wiring, otherwise you're just poking around in the dark.
Try adjusting "Retrigger"
  • This is the minimum amount of time needed between successive strikes of the same trigger for the second one to produce a sound.
  • If this setting is too high, some notes may not trigger when you play faster or perform rolls.
  • If this setting is too low, you may trigger extra, undesired notes while playing normally.
You could also try adjusting threshold a bit. Or tuning the head differently.

What are the velocities of those extra notes? I think it's most likely they are there on the module, too, just inaudible.