Best snare for $100 or less


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I have the Pearl Steel Sensitone and bought it used for around $94. It is high quality and sounds pretty good, but I use it primarily for loud(er) gigs since it really can cut through.


Senior Member Search drum. I bought a mint Premier Hi Fi there for less than$90 including shipping. I have 14 snares and it's one of the best I own.

Hollywood Jim

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You need the Pearl Sensitone steel snare drum. Great snare drum. You might find one for less on Ebay. Or elsewhere.



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I am intrigued by the Pearl and Slingerland, and I found this one they also had for $149. Any thoughts? Its COW but I can't gauge what era its from or what its made out of.
I doubt it'll sound as good as the metal Slingerland. Wood is much less consistent, more prone to imperfections, bearing edge defects, warping, etc. It could have a vintage sound to it, which may not be what you want for Rock. (modern rock at least)

But you never know, give it a try in person. :)


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I would say you could get the best snare for $100. by finding a used one. Check the Milwaukee Craigslist or other used areas like pawn shops or thrift shops.


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You can certainly find a used steel snare for a song. You can't go wrong with that Pearl steel Sensitone at $99. That's a no-brainer IMO.
I'm also partial to the Yamaha steel snares with the inverted bead.