best smartphone for drummers


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I have been a long time Android user (Samsung) I will be purchasing a new phone early next year.

What is drummers preference for smartphone (or tablet)? I am thinking mostly apps and metronome programs. I dont know if there is a metronome/drum machine program only on Iphone that is superior to anything for Android.

I do know that David Garibaldi's and Mike Johnston's apps apparently are for iPhone only.

Don't know what other apps I may consider. I have no idea what's out there. I am an old timer resurrecting a more active interest in all this.

I am not so concerned about music playback but it will be a consideration.

Any insights/thoughts welcome. Thanks.


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I’ve only ever used an iPhone/iPad and have no complaints. Have never felt limited (or than the fact that a smartphone isn’t a computer lol)
Not sure about ‘superiority’ when it comes to apps, but I know the apps I use are mostly optimized for iPhone.

Fritz Frigursson

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when i’m on the kit my phone is not in my pocket or on my laptop stand, i don’t look at it at all. you’re not missing out on anything drum related by using an android over an ios device so don’t worry, in fact you shouldn’t think about drums when making a decision on mobile phones. get what ticks the most boxes for your daily use.

Rock Salad

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Peter Erskine's app is iPhone too. Bummer
I had a second hand iPhone for a while, there's a lot of humbug setting the thing up, but it was super smooth, too bad its antenna started malfunctioning. Also the camera mic was pretty sweet and could handle higher spl than the Samsung I had before it

C.M. Jones

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I don't use phones, programs, or apps of any sort for drumming. And because I record only at professional studios, my personal practice space is technology free. It contains sticks, a pad, and a drum kit. The one exception is when I practice to recorded tracks. Then I use my laptop and earbuds with industrial earmuffs for sound isolation. Beyond the incorporation of those implements, I lead a low-tech drumming existence.


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Best? Who can say. I have an IPhone SE; I have a metronome app called Pro Metronome that I use for practice and live work (starting tempos, but also playing full songs to the click to match up tempos with samples that our keyboard player triggers). Works just fine for me.


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I’m an iPhone user and the only use my phone gets while drumming is to either use a metronome app (I use Tempo) or to use Spotify and my AirPods to drum along to backing tracks. All of that can be done on any smartphone (aside from AirPods but there are similar alternatives). So you should be fine with anything. I can’t think of any useful exclusive drumming apps for any platform.


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I have a Samsung. On 2 different occasions it has fallen out of my pocket and gotten smashed between the car door and sill while shutting the door. Nothing broke. That's good enough for me.


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I use my my phone for two things:

Basic metronome
Remote mixer control

Both of those work well on any platform, so there aren't really any special considerations to make.

If you're getting into more complex stuff like midi sequencing and control, you're best off getting into the apple ecosystem