Best side snare stand for 10" snare?

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Been googling for too long - might as well ask you a great Mike M. 6.2x10" Pearl birch snare and I need a snare stand that will definitely hold 10"-12" snare, double braced, robust, and can go high enough for being on the left side of high-hat

What do y'all use/recommend...Oh, preferably under $75 :)
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Tama makes something similar, too, the "HS40TPN".

Do a search for practice pad stands, many would work for a ten-inch snare.


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May want to check out a DW 5000.
I think they have a 10-12” version and a 12-14” version or something like that. Basket is on a boom for dbl pedal setups. May be able to find one used in you price range but they are not crazy $ new either.


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The top Pearl snare stand has sliding rubber bumpers which can be locked on place with a drum key. Perfect for to s or smaller (or larger) snares.