Best purchases you've made for drums.


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My Remote Speedy Hat- completely transformed my approach to the A-kit. Hands down the best piece on the kit.

Secondly, my E-kit, for letting me stay in the game and explore a lot of non traditional configurations, leading up to acquiring the above piece.

Velcro hook tape markers for the drum rug a' la Huskytool's setup above.

And lastly- my Roc-n-soc throne, for all the reasons everyone else has listed. Don't miss my mid-70s Rogers hockey puck throne one bit... (;-)

Jeremy Bender

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For the drums, it's been Humes and Berg Enduro pro cases. For the sticks it's been a Reunioin Blues leather stickbag (40th birthday present).
As far as the drums themselves? Without a doubt my Joyful Noise brass snare drum is the nicest item I own.