Best place to buy/sell used drums in U.K


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I am selling a few drums / cymbals but I haven't found a really active website for drummers from U.K for classified adverts. This forum is dominated by USA, whilst the Mike Dolbear site seems rather run down & was always poorly designed.

Anyone found anything good beyond Ebay or GumTree?

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Preloved is a good gumtree alternative

Also, search facebook for pages/groups for local classifieds. I'm sold lots of stuff (not just drums) through facebook forsale/wanteds.

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I woulda thought ebay was best as it gets the biggest number of viewers. Having said that I've only bought and sold cymbals on it and they're in a different league shipping-wise compared to drums.


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Thanks.... willl try Facebook, hadn't thought of that.

Problem with Ebay is they are greedy beyond compare. I mean, just last week they increased their Final Valuation Fee cap from £40 to £75... then they hit you with 3.4% Paypal fees. It's very difficult to profit from any item with those kind of margins.


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This guy just keeps plugging on! Jon, Jason - where's the ban hammer?
Yeah,it seems this guy and the english langauge are not very well acquainted.His location is listed as USA.He either just moved here,or has been living in a cave somplace in the Rocky mountains.:)

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