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If anyone's interested in the history of punk, the epix 4-part documentary called "Punk" is really pretty good. It covers a wide spectrum of groups that made up the scene and follows the lineage up through the new pop/punk bands. It's not just the standard fare everyone talks about.
A weird thing was after I watched it I was talking about it at the little art supply shop in Ohio where I work. My boss who's an older quiet guy I hadn't spoken to much overheard us. I mentioned the footage of the last Sex Pistols show before they called it quits and my boss was like "oh yeah, that was at Winterland, I was there." Turns out he spent his youth in the Oakland/San Francisco area and saw everybody that came through in their heyday...Dead Kennedys, The Ramones at Oakland auditorium, the Clash opening for the Who at a "Day on the Green" show, a weird pairings like Judas Priest opening for Zeppelin, etc. Dude knows everything about 60-70's rock and punk music so I'm way less productive, but I enjoy work a lot more, lol.


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Would apprecieate any reccomendations for good drummer or musician books to read also . Thanks
Autobiography of Miles Davis and Mel Torme's Traps - The Drum Wonder: The Life of Buddy Rich come to mind.

There's a passage where Miles is so coked up and paranoid,he parks his Ferrari in front of a skyscraper in downtown Manhattan and hides in a closet for a couple of hours.
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Great drummer books I recommend:

Buddy Rich One of a Kind by Pelle Berglund.

Moon by Tony Fletcher.

Hellraiser: The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Drummer by Ginger Baker.


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Not a Documentary, but a great movie about the life of Brian Wilson, Love and Mercy. His Dad and the Doctor his dad hired to "Take care of him" were criminal.
I remember Brian talking about how his father used to pop out his artificial eye in front of him to freak him out.


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He and his wife sued the two of them for keeping him so drugged out that he just stayed in bed most days

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Anyone seen the latest Zappa movie yet? I have not and am curious to know what people think of it.
Rented it last night. Haven't watched it yet. I like the Love and Mercy flick. Good movie. Revealing. When I was a young kid 5/6 yrs old, I loved Elvis and The Beach Boys. Have always been a big fan of their music.


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As Roger Dalton said, it’s essentially about the life of Keith Moon.

Does anyone wanna make one about AC/DC with me?