Best Method Book for Beginners?


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Guys seriously, read his thread properly. He is not a beginner, he is a teacher asking which books other teachers recommend for beginners.


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Some may laugh at me for this, and they may be justified in doing it, but to get someone up and playing on the kit fast I found "realistic rock" by Carmine Appice to be pretty good.
I'm a beginner and I have that book. I think its great.


This thread is super old. Anyway, the book I used is called The Total Rock Drummer. I then gave it to a friend to use because he was also trying to learn the drums. We both had a good time with it. Idk if it’s the “best” book but it did the job.. I have a suspicion that there are a bunch of good choices for beginner method books for drums.


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Since the thread was revisited yet again, I can add a few more recommendations.

Josh Gottry’s resources

Fresh Approach to Snare Drum by Mark Wessels

Primary Handbook for Snare Drum by G Whaley

Simple Steps to Successful Snare Drumming by

Alfred’s Beginning Drum Method


Odd-Arne Oseberg

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It depends on what you can get away with.

I have to be a bit modern in my approach. That means the kit is usually involved, but not always with the youngest ones. It depends on mom, dad and what works.

If it's getting ready for school band the kit might just get used for fun a few times, but if it's a young student that's not into that and has a kit at home it's involved. It'æs not used just in a traditional sense, but to make up for the lack of other percussion that might not be available.

I generally write my own material and use play-alongs from e.g.
Groove Essential 1.0 and 2.0
Ultlmate Play-a-long by Weckl
Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer

We usually get on the Lifetime Warm-Up pretty quickly, but it's adapted. It's something everyone in the school can have in common.

I also use a couple of beginner reading books in Norwegian. One old classic one when that works best and a modern one that has various play-a-long tracks with it, writing assignments etc..

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Here's the reading book I use the most. Virvel means roll in Norwegian, There's a second book as well as one for melodic percssion, but I tend to move to other methods after the first one. That's generally means my own material. We usually have a deal that we get halfway through the book and get started on 8th note rests before we do other kinds of stuff.

Only available in Norwegian.

Virvel 1.jpg

Here's a typical page inside.
Virvel 11.png

New rhythms.
Written homework assigment

4 chapters 7 lessons each:
1: Quarters, half and whole notes.
2: 8th notes
3 Broken 8ths
4: 16th notes

Various warm-ups and pages in the back.

It comes with play-a-long for each lesson + some percussion tracks at different tempos in both 4/4 and 3/4.

There's also a QR on each page that takes you to a short video about the lesson

I know the guy who wrote it.

Exactly how it's used depends on the student. It is in essence just a reading page, so there's tons of fun stuff you can do.

The teacher's book has duets based on the lessons + prima vista material.