Best memory size versus price for the new M1 iPad 12.9 Pro


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I have a Fairstone card to spend at Best Buy but they have only one iPad in 1 Tera, but at 2279 Canadian and one in 128 Gig at 1299...
I'm tempted by the 1 Tera but even with 12 month, it's still 190 per month...The Rep at Best Buy says that for music, it will be enough with 128, unless I download a lot of long video in it? Also, I would prefer to keep some available on the card as I'm planning to buy a ultra wide and curved screen.
Do you think they have no more 256 and 512 Gig because these are the best memory versus price ratio?
Let me know what you think. I will be my photo on it not all of them, music apps and bandhelper apps and music.
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you’ll get through 128 in a few years of photos and music files. for long term 512 and more is optimal. or get an external ssd and you suddenly don’t have to worry about storage anymore