Best iOS Drum tuner?


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Hey everyone,

I recently bought iDrumTune on the app store and I find that the results are pretty inconsistent because a lot of the times when I use the lug tuning feature, it will give me one or two lugs that show that it is 45 Hz higher than the the first lug but when I use the feature again with the same frequency reading for the first lug, it shows a different number, like positive 3, which is a big difference compaed to positive 45 Hz.

That being said, I'm looking for another ios drum tuner thst won't give me inconsistent results.

Which is the best ios drum tuner?


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I've had good results with iDrumTune. I have to be consistent with where I tap the head in relation to the nearest lug, and I switch the filter on to ignore harmonics and overtones. I move the phone around to each lug as I tap. Repeated hits in one place will sometimes get different readings, but as the head gets more in tune these are reduced. I don't use lug tuning mode until everything is fairly close.

I only use the App when I'm changing heads, or trying something new. But once I've got a tom sounding in its sweet spot, I write the top and bottom frequencies on the head, next to the logo, so I can recall that setting later on.

I haven't tried any other Apps I'm afraid, so I can't help you there.


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To me it is all about tension and I do use a Tama tension watch mainly as my kit is a 9 pcs. setup.

With the experience I can say that it does not depend on lugs and tension screws alone. From what you say in your post I think that way of tuning your drums is not that good unless you make it work for you.

With the heads at the desired tension evenly you will find the best spots for the tuning that makes it sound good to your ears. With the proper tool and understanding it will take less time and it does.

You will also find your drums stay in tune longer.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I've used it a bit. Mainly so I can tune to a note I want. In lug tuning mode I just tap it again if the reading is way off as I know it's wrong. So lug 3-6 might be the same lug. Who cares. I know what frequency I'm going for, so....