Best in-ear headphones?


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I'm looking for in-ear headphones to make music on the go without using the bigger one. Are there relatively cheap headphones that have very good sound quality? Any assumptions?
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Old Dog new Cans

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If you're looking for inexpensive, I'd check KZ in-ears.

A simple Ebay search to give you a price idea. You can spend $20 on up to $70 or more. I bought a $35 set earlier this year, they sound great. You may want to find some replaceable foam buds for them, I guess that depends on how they fit in the first place.

I don't know about their reliability. But there are more than a few videos on the subject on YouTube, and I always hear positive reviews about these.

By the way, there are a ton of other threads on the subject here. You may want to do some searching. Good Luck

Bo Eder

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I have these Sony’s I found at BestBuy for $19 and they sound pretty even on my iPod and computer. If it’s just for scratch work while you’re out and about I wouldn’t spend more than that unless you decide to go real IEMs which start at $399.


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For value for money, you want KZ in-ears. They're a fraction of the cost of in-ears like the Shure SE215, and sound every bit as good.

I would buy them from Amazon and not Ebay though, so you don't have to wait for shipping from China.