Best headphones for a gig


So I have a gig comming up soon and I need good ear protection. I have the Vater Earplugs, but I have a feeling those just won't cut it for this situation.

Can someone recommend good ear protection? Because there's obviously no way I'm going without protection, that's how my uncle lost his hearing (Which he somehow regained) after 4 gigs and he's a drummer too.

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Depends on how much you're wanting to spend.

I would go with Extreme Isolation headphones for roughly $150.

Then again cheap ear plugs do nearly the same thing, reduces about 28 db. Which is plenty.. concerts are about 120.


Thing is we're playing for a pretty long time, I think it's long enough for 100db (98 if you want to be super precise) to start damaging.


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Are you wanting headphones to use as monitors or just kill the sound? If you are just looking to stop the sound use foam earplugs and go to walmart in their hunting dept and pick up a pair of ear muffs used by shooters. Doubling up will make a huge difference. Other thing is tell the sound guy to decrease the sound in your monitors


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If at all practical, try to manage stage volume. At -30db the tendency may be to play louder to regain the lost volume, or to turn up monitors to allow you to hear stuff that you might be missing - which is counterproductive. If you're amplified let the amplification do the hard work of getting the sound out to people -- and try and keep the stage volume down.

Volume seems to be an arms race - though ear protection is always important, uneven attenuation can exacerbate the problem. (If not for you, for other people.)


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have you tried Vic Firth SIH1? i haven't tried it yet. but it's on the way. on the site, it says "The SIH1 reduces overall noise levels by 24 decibels and features high quality stereo headphones."