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I just bought this hardware bag:


and find it impossibly heavy (once all stands, pedals, etc. are loaded) to lift or even drag on its little wheels. Is there a better way to store and transport drum hardware?
Consider the 2nd bag option.
I can't tell the brand/size of your bag, but I have 2 Protechtor/Gator bags (non-wheels),1 large and 1 medium that I use to transport my hardware. Or, I just use one of the bags for smaller needs. (I first tried to put everything into the 1 large bag and it was too cluttered & heavy).

Either way, transporting the 2 bags distributed is easier (whether one in each hand or 1 by itself) than carrying 1 super loaded-heavy one. They both end up on my Roc N Soc cart if loading in is too far to carry.
Yup, hardware bags get heavy very quickly. I have a 3' and 4', both with rollers and the 4' bag sits on my storage rack with unused hardware. It gets way too heavy when loaded up. My 3' gets heavy but I really don't want to shuffle two hardware bags.

Based on forum posts, the Crosstown aluminum hardware from Yamaha is a good alternative.
Hardcase. Been using for years. Still going strong.

Looks excellent, but does not ship to the U.S.
Do you have a contact for the company or a dealer in the US?
Based on forum posts, the Crosstown aluminum hardware from Yamaha is a good alternative.
Thanks for the suggestion. But that would mean giving up my carefully selected set of high quality cymbal hardware, pedals, etc. and buying ll of that anew. I am not ready for such a radical move at this point.
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If your bag already has wheels and it's too heavy to drag I guess your best option is to get a second bag and distribute all of your hardware between the two.

You could also consider a rack. Cymbal stand and tom holder tops are a lot lot less heavy than the whole stand.
...that would mean giving up my carefully selected set of high quality cymbal hardware, pedals, etc. and buying ll of that anew. I am not ready for such a radical move at this point.

Moving all that heavy hardware in one go isn't working. The 2nd bag suggestions are probably your best option.
I use a Protection Racket 30” x 11” x 7” Hardware Bag that is about as compact as I've found. It generally holds 2 DW light weight cymbal stands, a 6000-series hi-hat stand, snare stand, floor tom legs, throne base and a cowbell. All that goes in the bag and sits on top of my bass drum, which is rolled on a Rock 'n Roller cart.

Split your gear up into smaller bags if you have to use heavyweight hardware. And use a cart...the wheel was a great invention!
I snagged one of these last week for $99. I now own two of them. They are fantastic.

For heavier weight hardware, I recommend one of these:

This holds a lot. It's nearly 32 inches wide, so it can fit most longer pieces of your kit (hi hat base etc) and around 14 inches deep.. Just combine it with one of these mover's dolly's from Harbor Freight and you are good to go. This is also similar to what doggyd suggested above, but more affordable.

The container is made of rugged plastic, so it is very light when empty. The latches aren't great, but I would use a large carabiner clip in the center hole (where the padlock is designed to go), so if the latches ever fail (or get caught on a doorway, car door etc), the lid will remain closed. Best of all, they come in a variety of colors (used to be black only). The other nice thing about a "hard" hardware case is that the hardware stays "in it's space" when you lift or move it. In a bag, the hardware shifts as soon as you move it or pick it up and makes it even more awkward to carry or load (even shifting WHILE you are carrying it, climbing stairs etc). .

It will be very heavy when full, thus the dolly. The dolly easily stacks (wheels up) on top of it and/or other equipment in your vehicle. Also, when the case is on the dolly, you can stack other drums and equipment on top of it and use it as a hand truck. You can also buy a (sold seperatley) handle attachment for the dolly if you choose. All this at a about a third of the cost of a "real" hardware case. I've had mine for years and it's still going strong. Granted, I take care of it and don't abuse it (don't throw stands in it or throw it in a van or truck etc), but I haven't had any issues with breakage or wear (even the latches still work).
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A different bag won't magically make you shed weight. If a large trap case on wheels is still too unwieldy it may be worth revisiting your hardware set up. I switched to DW 6000 ultra light hardware set and I don't regret it at all. My hi hat stand, snare stand, and two cymbal stands collectively weigh 13.13lbs. With my pedal, stick bag, notebook, and a few odds'n'ends, plus the stands, the whole bag weighs less than 20lbs. I'm not saying you have to go flat based either, you can get lightweight but solid single braced tripod designs from Tama, pearl, and Yamaha for very cheap.
I started using smaller bags and breaking down my hardware further so that they fit in the smaller bags. I probably have about 40 pounds of hardware in a small tool bag with tri pods and other assessories a bass drum pedal. A larger bag that came with a DW 6000 hardware set. And finally I have a slim long photographer tripod bag that I carry 2 complete heavy duty booms stands in when I play Outside. When I play inside, I use the DW light weight stuff. More things to carry but much easier on my body.
Standard modern hardware for a five piece kit eg stands for three cymbal, hi-hat, throne, snare stand, bass drum pedal, tom mount can get too heavy for one bag/case. A strange arms race occurred in the 80s to late 90s where everything just got double braced and then some (heavier and heavier). Things have shifted back a little, my preference for gigging (when I do my own shifting) is standard single braced (not ultra light weight) cymbal stands and double braced snare, hi-hat, throne. I recommend splitting your hardware into two loads. Yes, this is an extra load in out trip but will save your body, especially your back long term. I use one of the older large hardcase hardware cases (with wheels) and medium sized soft case from protection racket.

Please take care of you back, it’s an essential drumming item…..
I got the Tama Single Braced pack that came with a bag. It fits cymbal, snare and hi hat stands in as well as the tom holder for the kit and a clamp and boom arm.

Trick is to get light hardware. I keep my stool separate that's the only really heavy hardware I take but a comfy stool is priceless.
I swear by these because they have a small footprint and I don't have to bend over to load/unload it.

I keep my throne base, snare stand, hi hat machine, 3 floor tom legs, 3 cymbal stands, DW 9000 footpedal, tom tree, tambourine, towel, and 2 nested cowbells.

Without using the outside 4 pockets (2 on the side, 1 on top, 1 on the bottom front)

The throne top I set on the handle where I push/pull it from

I replaced the wheels with bigger home depot wheels for better rolling.

I installed 2 garage hooks on the handle and I hook my fan and water bottle to them. This hardware cart along with a Rock-n-roller cart...1 trip.

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