Best for Live Performance

I know theres probably already a thread but I didn't really wanna look for it, anyway I've been a coated head guy for a very long time and recently started thinking what would be better for mixing and clarity for live performance. The mic situation for my kit right now is usually only the snare and kick as we play bars, but from my end it doesnt seem like the toms cut through enough and was curious if clear heads would be a better choice for the situation with no mics on my toms, I'd appreciate any and all opinions.


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Evans' Onyx heads are made to cut through live. I played them a few months ago in a pretty large places and they sounded great. Check them out.


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Coated or clear heads don't really matter, just use the heads you like the sound of.
Your toms just need to project more for them to be heard.

Add tension to the bottom heads.
This way, the audience will hear them better and so will you.

The amount of tension is up to you, but heads that are just above wrinkle (JAW) are not going to project anything, and will get lost pretty easily under guitar and bass, especially when you aren't mic'd.

Good Luck!