Best ever Christmas advert!


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Not that I'm at all biased, but ---- :cool:

That's amazing. In his/her dream, the drums didn't fall apart, no one forgot their sticks or the song, they were at the right venue, none of the typical drum dream issues. That really was a great advert (I like that term).

We have this one over here. Not as good, but still relatable.



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That’s a two for one. Drums with special powers and no “dumb guy” commercial all in one! Doesn’t get better than that.

Jeff Almeyda

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Loved it! Made me feel like a kid again. I was smiling from ear to ear by the end of it.
Great choice of music as well (Thank you Mel Gaynor for one of the best pop drum parts ever recorded).


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My family gets it's festive joy from Aldi's Kevin The Carrot and his family's adventures. I hope he's okay this Christmas, I'm sure he will be.



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That ad has generational appeal and demonstrates how music transcends everything. It's "Awesome". The Joy of Drumming captured so well-the man reminded me of my son-in-law I can see him doing this.


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I'm pleased many of you took more from that than just something mainstream featuring drumming. It oozes an early exhilaration that we all experienced at the start of our drumming journey, & the father - daughter vibe just adds to the feel good factor :)

Of interest, both players featured are drummers, not just actors filling the roles.