Best Evans heads for LM400?


Recently got my hands on a ‘78 LM400! I use exclusively Evans heads on all my drums due to personal preference. What’s the best head combo (batter & reso) for the 5” Supra?


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I like the ST SuperTough, a durable and lively 2-ply batter, and Hazy300 on the snare side. I use those on almost all of my 112 snares.


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i tried a UV2 and it’s not half bad
The UV1 is my new go-to for snares, and the UV2s are some of the best sounding double=ply heads I've ever heard. Would sound killer on a Supra.


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I'm running a dry vented just because I had one laying around and I like it. I normally use HD coated


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Go with a Genera over Hazy 300, not the Genera Dry, just the regular Genera tuned up medium high and you’re off to the races! The regular Genera does NOT have the vents compared to the dry version.


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Ludwig coated Weathermaster mediums. It's either that or Coated Ambassadors. Aquarians don’t fit as well on that snare in my experience.

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Ebony coated hydraulic batter and a Remo Black Suede snare side. Sound as dark as the darkest beer known to man...