Best drumming album of all time?


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Here's my top 5 in order of influence to me:

Steely Dan - Aja
Rush - Moving Pictures
Yes - Close to the Edge
King Crimson - Discipline
Tool - Lateralus

These are all albums that I've listened to over and over and over again and still find something new each time with both the drumming and the music. And....I can still listen to them over and over and over. Love them all.
Hey murph. I love this list. Every one listed is "top notch" And I agree that you can listen to them over and over. And that pick of Tools' "Lateralus" is certainly worth mentioning. That Danny Carey guy is the modern day odd-time master. And he pounds, too! Take Care...Play On! ;-)


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I find that my opinions for topics like these don't come from skill, but from style and emotion. Like these,

B.B. King- Lonely Nights [It's a greatest hits album, so lots of drummers]
Jimi Hendrix Experience- self titled debut [Mitch has such a fiery feel on Fire]
The Who- Who's Next [Enough's been said about Keith]

These are some. If I went into detail, I could make a novel. A looong novel.

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I bought the Led Zeppelin live CD "How the West Was Won" yesterday and put it on in the car (Had a four hour drive). Not only does it now get my vote for this thread, but also confirms my belief that Led Zeppelin is/was the best band to have existed, and that Bonham is the pinnacle of drumming (again, from my perspective).

My list
(In no order)

1. Black Sabbath - Paraniod - Bill Ward
2. Blind Melon - Every track I've heard - Don't know
3. The Doors - Every Album - John Densmore
4. Frank Zappa - Cheap Thrills - Vinnie Coliauta? (Maybe other drummer/s)
5. Jimi Hendrix - Smash Hits - Mitch Mitchell
6. Led Zeppelin - All Albums - John Bonham (Favorite Track - Fool in the Rain)
7. Pink Floyd - All Albums - Nick Mason
8. Sublime - Santeria (Song) - Don't know
9. The Who - The Kids Are Alright
10. Steely Dan - Aja - Steve Gadd


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Best Drumming album of All Time? There are so many that I couldn't even begin to guess: everything from Led Zeppelin to Buddy Rich. Since I have no real favourite,I'll just list some favoured Artists or Tracks that I like to practice with....

1.Emerson Lake And Palmer: Tarkus. Great ensemble playing from Carl Palmer and I love the rather crabby time signatures...
2.Yes: Close To The Edge. One of Bill Bruford's finest performances in Yes,"Siberian Khatru" is his other greatest one...
3.Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin 1. John Bonham's drumming defines the word Chutzpah...
4.Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath. Bill Ward's methodical approach to drumming is refreshing and still stings 37 years later...
5.The Lyrics: Wake Up To My Voice. Great Psych number with killer drums from Jack Flannery...
6.Bubble Puppy: Hot Smoke And Sassafras. David Fore does a great job handling all of those switchbacks..
7.The Beatles: Revolver. In "She Said She Said" Ringo maps out the road that Bruford would follow, "Silly Fills" and all....
8.Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced? Can't ever go wrong with Mitch Mitchell...
9. Deep Purple: The Book Of Taliesyn. Ian Paice sounds young,hungry and ferocious..
10.The Byrds: Younger Than Yesterday. Great in-the-pocket playing from Michael Clarke...or Jim Gordon....or whomever ghosted on this LP...
11.King Crimson: In Wake Of Poseidon. Amazing drums from Michael Giles.If you ever wondered where Neil Peart got part of his muse...look no further...
12.Rush: Power Windows. And speaking of Neil Peart....If I have to pick only one Rush LP,this one is as good as any...


Well lets see erm...

Any Judas Priest album with Les Binks mainly- "Unleashed in the east". If you listen to 'Sinner' on the "Sin after Sin" album you will experience impossible open hi-hat work well i think!
For what it is worth, on Judas Priest's "Sin After Sin", Simon Phillips played drums on that entire recording.


J P Lapp


Presence - Zep (achillies last stand does it for me)
Ghost in the Machine - Police (style, not substance)
Steeltown - Big Country (way underrated)
Test for Echo - Rush (this is when he became a real drummer, no longer a robot)


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1. zappa - joes garage......all time favourite drum album
2. TOP - live and in living color (david g baby!)
3. P-Funk All Stars - Live At the Beverly Theatre In Hollywood (killin' chambers)
4. Aretha Franklin - Live at the Philmore West (pretty purdie)
5. miles davis - milestones (what else needs to be said about philly joe)
6. John Coltrane - A love supreme (the irrepressible elvin jones)
7. miles - 4 and more (a very angry second quintet and a very angry tony williams)
8. suicidal tendencies - join the army (loved it since i was a kid)
9. chick corea - now he sings, now he sobs (HAYNES!!)
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Blood Sugar Sex Magik by Red Ho Chili Peppers is probably my favorite album drum wise. Theres just so much groove and attitude in the drums. Long live Chad Smith.


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My personal faves in no particluar order

"Headhunters" - Herbie Hancok with Mike Clark
"Back To Oakland" - Tower of Power with David Garibaldi
"Exit Stage Left" - Rush with Neil
"Spectrum" - Billy Cobham
"10,000 Days" - Tool with Danny Carey
"Star Time" - James Brown (Compliation with many great drummers)
"Prescence" -Zeppelin
"Tony Williams Quintet Live In Japan"
"Katy Lied" - Steely Dan with Jeff Porcaro and Hal Blaine
"Karizma" - All Star Fusion Qunitet with Vinnie Colaiuta
great selection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dave Matthews Band - Before Those Crowded Streets with Carter Beauford.
Rush - Moving Pictures with Neil Peart.
Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales with Vinnie Colaiuta.
Karizma - Document with Vinnie Colaiuta.
Tool - Aenima with Danny Carey.
Porcupine Tree - In Absentia with Gavin Harrison.
Fredrik Thorendal - Sol Niger Within with Morgan Agren.
Opeth - Damnation with Martin Lopez.
Cynic - Focus with Seni Reinert.
Death - Symbolic with Gene Hoglan.
Yes - Close to the Edge with Bill Bruford.
King Crimson - Red with Bill Bruford again.
Paatos - Kallocain with Ricard Nettermalm. This is an obscure one but goody. Soft rock for the most part, besides the first track. Beautiful quiet palying all through out and a great sound. I like this guy.

That's all I got, plenty of great stuff in there.


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No need, I was a Cub Scout thirty years ago when you actually had to work for the merit badges. The code for the letters is this:

Y = - . - -
Y = - . - -
Z = - - . .

Just say them out loud as "dash" and "dot" and you will hear the rhythm that is repeated over and over at the beginning of the song.

I have been a Rush fan for 25 years and "Moving Pictures" was one of my the "drumming" albums that really influenced me. Thanks for the trivia DogBreath. I had always heard about YYZ but that confirmed it.

Around the same time Spring Session M by Missing Persons (Terry Bozzio of course) came out. Thatalbum really blew me away as well.

Jeff Becks Guitar Shop with TB and Blow by Blow with Richard Baily....Smokin'!

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The Yellowjackets- "Politics"
The Police -"Ghost in the machine"
Led Zep- "all"

There are many I like and these are my current "most listened to". I am sure it will be different next month.


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Album' S.......

Elvin Jones Quintet - Elvin Jones

Landscape / Art Pepper - Billy Higgins

Politics / Yellowjackets - Will Kennedy

Spectrum - Billy Cobham

Weather Report ( 1982) - Peter Erskine

RTF / Romantic Warrior - Lenny White

Chick Corea / Leprechaun - Steve Gadd

Karizma / Document - Vinnie Colauita

Deep Purple
/ Made in Japan - Ian Paice
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What single album had the most technically and musically excellent drumming that tied the music together while advancing style and still rocking your socks off?

I suggest Rush - Moving Pictures. Neil Peart took drumming to new heights with this album. If you can listen to "YYZ" without tapping your feet, beating your hands on your legs, and nodding your head, you have no pulse.

Bonus Trivia Question: Do you know what the significance of the letters "YYZ" is in reference to the song?
Well, now I know . . . Did it also inspire Fly By Night? :) What is it in 11/8? Well now that the mystery has been decoded, even I can write a song.

My favorite Rush song is La Villa Strangiato. I love that syncopated 7/8 groove in the middle. (You could make a "list your favorite Peart 7/8 groove" thread.)

I dated two girls in the late 70s who were both big Rush fans. They don't make chicks like that any more.

Hemispheres . . . loved that album . . think I'll put it on. But not my favorite.

It would have to be Aja with the Purdie 'Shuffle' on Home at Last, Jim Keltner on Josie, Rick Marotta and Gadd . . . Gotta be the best drum album for me. Great album if your not a big Jeff Porcaro fan. I guess he was busy with Toto. Now if he were also on it, that would have really been the deal. Unless he were on "I Got the News."

Purdie will be in my hometown at a clinic. I can't believe that the guy who played on all the Beatles tracks would need to do clinics. I'll have to ask him what happened to the money.

"Learn to play the saxophone, I'll play just what I feel. Drink Scotch Whiskey all night long, and die behind the wheel . They got a name for the winners in the world, I want a name when I lose,.they call Alabama the 'Crimson Tide' . . .

. . . Call me Deacon Blues."

thank you, Pretty.

. . . nuff said.
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Well I don't know if this is the best drumming album of all time, but the first Bob Marley And The Wailers album I bought was "Burnin" and Aston "Family Man" Barrett on drums blew my mind.Check out the rhythm section on I Shot The Sherriff , it's sooo slinky!