Best drumming album of all time?

1.Are you Experienced
2. Tommy
3. Moving Pictures
4. Zepplin III
5.{and I'll take all the flack I need to}- Boxcar Racer



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Heres my three

Moving Pictures - The album that got me into the drums!
Aja - The ultimate groove Cd to play-along....
Chick Corea Electric Band - once I heard Got a Match? the bar was raised for drumming....
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Fragile - Yes
Aja - Steely Dan
Exit Stage Left - Rush
Quadrophenia - The Who
Led Zeppelin 2 - Led Zep' (introduced the famous MOBY DICK)


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my favs would be...

Gene Hoglan - Death 'Symbolic'
Bobby Jarzombek - Spastic Ink (both albums)
Sean Reinert - Death 'Human'
Scott Travis - Judas Priest 'Painkiller'
John Tempesta - Testament 'Low'


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One of the most energetic & impressive pieces of drumming would be Santana at Woodstock performing "Soul Sacrifice". The studio version from Santana 1 is great but the live version from Woodstock is just incredible! For a complete contrast of the same song listen to the live version of Soul Sacrifice released on the live album "Moonflower" which was about 8 yrs later in 1977.

Definitely "The Mule" by Deep Purple from "Made In Japan" & also "You Fool No One" from live album "Made In Europe" (not the studio version - no comparison) featuring awesome bass drumming back in 1974.

Led Zeppelin live at the Royal Albert Hall in 1970, John Bonham is absolutely awesome and it's so early on in their career and he's a madman performing a huge drum solo!

Buddy Rich at the Montreal Jazz Festival in back in the early 80's, what that man does on the drums is intimidatingly amazing!

Emerson Lake & Palmer's "Food For Your Soul", if you don't know it, you need to hear Carl Palmer assaulting that Premier kit... very very cool.

But there's so many other awesome albums...


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My personal Favorites
Megadeths "Rust In Peace"- Nick Menza
Dream Theaters "Awake"- Mike Portnoy
Judas Priests "Pain Killer"- Scott Travis
Rushes "Moving Pictures"- Neil Peart
Nevermores "This Godless Endeavour"- Van Williams

paul c

Iv gotta say John Dolmayans performance on System of a downs latest album "Hypnotise", the entire album is like one massive drum solo!

pdp 9091

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Led zeppelin - physical graffiti - 1976 (My fav. album ever recorded by any band...totaly brilliantly made)

In my time of dying
Sick Again
Night Flight (probably one of my favorite zeppelin songs)
To name a few songs​

dib da drummer

Without a doubt, Moving Pictures is #1. Followed VERY closely by Exit Stage Left. Neil
Peart inspired so many drummers after these two albums were released. Hemispheres
ain't bad, either.


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There are some great ones. I like

Beatles- Rubber Soul- Ringo Starr. This was one of the earlier albums that added to the evolution of pop/ rock drumming. Ringo plays some cool bits, like in "The Word" or "Wait".

Beatles- Abbey Road- Ringo Starr. The drumming in this album is so cool and so on time. "Here comes the Sun" is a good example.

Led Zeppelin- John Bohnham- Physical Graffiti

Led Zeppelin- Zozo (IV)

Jimi Hendrix Experience- Mitch Mitchell- Are You Experienced?

The Who- Keith Moon- Live At Leeds

Rush- Neil Peart- 2112 and Moving Pictures.

I think these are some great ones!


Well, my $.02....

Every album by Frank Zappa, from Aynsley Dunbar and the mothers of Invention, to Bozzio, Humphries, Colaiuta, Wackerman, etc...
And Every Led Zep album w/Bonzo... Contained something that the first time I listened to it made me sit up, lift the needle on the turntable, and replay it over and over again mumbling to myself..."WTF!?! How'd he do that?"


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In No Order Of Preference:

1) All The albums by Cream, Blind Faith and Ginger Baker and the DJQ2O: Drummer: Ginger Baker(!!!!!)

2) The Organ Grinder's Swing - Band: The Jimmy Smith Trio, Drummer: Grady Tate

3) All The Tower of Power albums with David Garibaldi on it

4) Ecology, Willie Remembers, Ma & Rare Earth In Concert - Band: Rare Earth,
Drummer: Pete Riviera

5) E Pluribus Funk - Band: Grand Funk Railroad, Drummer: Don Brewer

6) A Farewell To Kings - Band: Rush, Drummer: Neil Peart

7) A Love Supreme - Band: The John Coltrane Quartet, Drummer: Elvin Jones

8) Bread's first album - Band: Bread, Drummer: Jim Gordon

9 ) The Royal Scam, Aja - Band: Steely Dan, Drummers: Steve Gadd, Jeff Porcaro, Bernard Purdie, Paul Humphrey, Jim Keltner, Rick Marotta, Ed Greene

10) Emergency, Believe It - Tony Williams' Lifetime, Drummer: Tony Williams

11) Are You Experienced, Axis: Bold As Love, Electric Ladyland - Band: The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Drummer: Mitch Mitchell

12) Band of Gypsies - Band: Band of Gypsies (Hendrix), Drummer: Buddy Miles

13) Machine Head, Made In Japan - Band: Deep Purple, Drummer: Ian Paice

14) Who's Next - Band: The Who, Drummer: Keith Moon

15) All the albums Tony Williams did with the Miles Davis Quintet

16) The Soul Cages - Artiste: Sting, Drummer: Manu Katche

17) Led Zeppelin 2, Physical Graffitti and BBC Sessions (Disc 2 - the live concert): Band: Led Zeppelin, Drummer John Bonham

18) Ghost In The Machine - Band: The Police, Drummer: Stewart Copeland

19) Inner Mounting Flame - Band: The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Drummer: Billy Cobham

20) Third & Noisette - Band: The Soft Machine, Drummer: Robert Wyatt

21) Those Who Are About To Die Salute You - Band: Colosseum, Drummer: Jon Hiseman
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michael drums

Rush's "Moving Pictures" was named as the best rock drum album ever recorded, back in the early 90's, by Modern Drummer, and I have to concur that it still is. As far as over-all best drumming album of all time, well, there will be ALOT of different opinions on that. I'm guessin' something by Williams, Rich, Colaiuta, Gadd, Bonham, Jones(Elvin), or any of the other greats of drumming. Play On! ;-)


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Here's my top 5 in order of influence to me:

Steely Dan - Aja
Rush - Moving Pictures
Yes - Close to the Edge
King Crimson - Discipline
Tool - Lateralus

These are all albums that I've listened to over and over and over again and still find something new each time with both the drumming and the music. And....I can still listen to them over and over and over. Love them all.